Company Overview

Syzygy Memory Plastics designs and manufactures custom plastic products, deformable electronics and dynamic components to enable ergonomic devices, flexible sensing systems, and neural biotechnologies. The company focuses broadly on industries where, in the past, cost barriers and production obstacles have limited the utilization of smart plastics on both simple (monolithic) and complex (electronic, biomedical) devices.  Syzygy's advanced materials solutions make the adoption of smart plastics technologically feasible and cost-effective.

Technology Overview

Syzygy Memory Plastics maintains technology in shape memory polymers (SMPs), a unique manufacturing process, and flexible electronics. These technologies enable many applications that take advantage of body temperature to control shape and stiffness. Our core technology in SMPs are dynamic, smart materials that undergo a shape change above a tunable, critical temperature to a remembered shape. Flexible electronics enable applications, for example inside the human body, in which stiff, rigid silicon substrates cause harm.

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